November Highlights: #30DayMapChallenge

In November we participated in the #30DayMapChallenge on Twitter. The event was launched when Topi Tjukanov from Gispo (Finland) tweeted an idea. Little did he know that the idea would spark a wildfire in the global geography community. 

After 300+ retweets, Topi put together a list of categories, one for every day of the month. The event attracted over 400 participants from more than 130 countries who posted a total of over 4000 times using the hashtag. Positium was among the 24 participants who posted a map on all 30 days and we all learned something from each of the maps one of our colleagues created (it was a team effort!).

Day 18 (Topic: globe):  Data on the balance of payments of Estonia from the Bank of Estonia in 2016, where each moving point represents 10 million EUR.

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