The Positium Data Mediator (PDM) is a scalable mobile big data processing and analytics engine. Its applications include population statistics, mobility studies and tourism data. The system can process historical as well as near-real time data feeds, is module-based, and can be set up as a centralised system integrated with, for example, the national statistics office system. Data may also be processed within the premises of mobile network operators (MNO).

More than 400 man-months have been invested into developing the Positium Data Mediator and its methodology, making it the most sophisticated mobile big data processing system, suitable for use in public as well as private sectors. 

The Positium Data Mediator was created using the methodology that was developed together with the University of Tartu. Its purpose is processing location data from several mobile network operators into meaningful and reliable statistical indicators regarding the aggregated locations and movement flows of people. This is a modular system comprised of several elements of data processing, like the import module, geographical interpolation module, core data module, and a series of domain-specific modules for population statistics, mobility and tourism, along with data serving API and a number of interactive web applications for dissemination, presentation and analysis of the results.